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The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is the world's largest commercial satellite communications services provider. It is an international consortium that owns and manages a constellation of communications satellites (Intelsats) to provide international broadcast services. Ownership and investment in ITSO (measured in shares) is distributed among ITSO members according to their respective use of services. Investment shares determine each member's percentage of the total contribution needed to finance capital expenditures. The organization's primary source of revenue comes from satellite usage fees which, after deduction of operating costs, are redistributed to ITSO members in proportion to their shares as repayment of capital and compensation for use of capital. Satellite services are available to any organization (both ITSO members and non-members), and all users pay the same rates.

The consortium began on August 20, 1964 as the International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium with 11 participating countries. In 1973, the name was changed and there were 80 signatories. ITSO currently has over 100 members and provides service to over 600 Earth stations in more than 149 countries, territories and dependancies. Intelsat maintains it headquarters in Washington, DC.

Spacecraft operations are controlled through ground stations in Fucino (Italy), Clarksburg (Maryland, USA), Beijing (PRC), Raisting (Germany), Perth (Australia), and Paumalu (Hawaii, USA).

Since its inception, ITSO has used several versions (blocks) of its dedicated Intelsat satellites. ITSO competes each block of spacecraft independently, leading to a variety of contractors over the years. Summary sheets are provided for each block.

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Launch Facts
 Name  Int'l Desig.  Date  Site  Vehicle  Orbit  Mass(kg)
 Intelsat 1 (Early Bird)  1965-028A  4/6/65  ESMC  Delta D  GEO  39
    Over Atlantic
 Intelsat 2A  1966-096A  10/26/66  ESMC  Delta E  HEO  140
    Unusable orbit due to AKM failure
 Intelsat 2B (Pacific 1)  1967-001A  1/11/67  ESMC  Delta E  GEO  87
 Intelsat 2C (Atlantic 2)  1967-026A  3/23/67  ESMC  Delta E  GEO  192
    Over Atlantic
 Intelsat 2D (Pacific 2)  1967-094A  9/28/67  ESMC  Delta E  GEO  87
 Intelsat 3 F-1  none  9/18/68  ESMC  Delta M  FTO  293
    Control system failure; destroyed by range safety
 Intelsat 3 F-2  1968-116A  12/19/68  ESMC  Delta M  GEO  293
    Over Brazil
 Intelsat 3 F-3  1969-011A  2/6/69  ESMC  Delta M  GEO  293
    63 deg E
 Intelsat 3 F-4  1969-045A  5/22/69  ESMC  Delta M  GEO  293
    174 deg E
 Intelsat 3 F-5  1969-064A  7/26/69  ESMC  Delta M  LEO  269
    3rd stage failure; left in unusable orbit
 Intelsat 3 F-6  1970-003A  1/15/70  ESMC  Delta M  GEO  293
    336 deg E
 Intelsat 3 F-7  1970-032A  4/23/70  ESMC  Delta M  GEO  293
    341 deg E
 Intelsat 3 F-8  1970-055A  7/23/70  ESMC  Delta M  HEO  270
    Unusable orbit
 Intelsat 4 F-2  1971-006A  1/26/71  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  706
    24.5 deg W
 Intelsat 4 F-3  1971-116A  12/20/71  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1410
    Over Atlantic
 Intelsat 4 F-4  1972-003A  1/23/72  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1410
    Over Pacific
 Intelsat 4 F-5  1972-041A  6/13/72  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1410
    Over Indian Ocean
 Intelsat 4 F-7  1973-058A  8/23/73  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1410
    Over Atlantic Ocean
 Intelsat 4 F-8  1974-093A  11/21/74  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1410
 Intelsat 4 F-6  none  2/20/75  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  FTO  1410
 Intelsat 4 F-1  1975-042A  5/22/75  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  727
 Intelsat 4A F-1  1975-091A  9/26/75  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1500
 Intelsat 4A F-2  1976-010A  1/30/76  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1500
 Intelsat 4A F-4  1977-041A  5/26/77  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1500
 Intelsat 4A  none  9/29/77  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  FTO  1500
 Intelsat 4A F-3  1978-002A  1/7/78  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1511
 Intelsat 4A F-6  1978-035A  3/31/78  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  826
 Intelsat 5 F-2  1980-098A  12/6/80  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  2000
 Intelsat 5 F-1  1981-050A  5/23/81  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1928
 Intelsat 5 F-3  1981-119A  12/15/81  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1870
 Intelsat 5 F-4  1982-017A  3/5/82  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1928
 Intelsat 5 F-5  1982-097A  9/28/82  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  2000
 Intelsat 5 F-6  1983-047A  5/19/83  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1928
 Intelsat 5 F-7  1983-105A  10/19/83  Kourou  Ariane 1  GEO  1928
 Intelsat 5 F-8  1984-023A  3/5/84  Kourou  Ariane 1  GEO  1928
 Intelsat 5 F-9  1984-057A  6/9/84  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  LEO  1091
    Failure of Centaur upper stage left stranded in useless orbit
 Intelsat 5A F-10  1985-025A  3/22/85  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  2013
 Intelsat 5A F-11  1985-055A  6/30/85  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1098
 Intelsat 5A F-12  1985-087A  9/29/85  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1096
    Telephone communications; 31 deg E
 Intelsat 5A F-14  none  5/30/86  Kourou  Ariane 2  FTO  
    3rd stage failed to ignite; destroyed by range safety
 Intelsat 5A F-13  1988-040A  5/17/88  Kourou  Ariane 2  GEO  2013
    Replaced Intelsat 5 F-3; 53 deg W
 Intelsat 5A F-15  1989-006A  1/27/89  Kourou  Ariane 2  GEO  1977
    International communications; 18 deg W
 Intelsat 6 F-2  1989-087A  10/27/89  Kourou  Ariane 44L  GEO  4215
    24.5 deg E
 Intelsat 6 F-3  1990-021A  3/14/90  ESMC  Titan 3  LEO  4215
    2nd stage separation failure; unusable orbit
 Intelsat 6 F-4  1990-056A  6/23/90  ESMC  Titan 3  GEO  4215
    International communications; 63 deg E
 Intelsat 6 F-5  1991-055A  8/14/91  Kourou  Ariane 44L  GEO  4296
    International communications; 14.5 deg W
 Intelsat 6 F-1  1991-075A  10/29/91  Kourou  Ariane 44L  GEO  4330
    International communications; 27.5 deg W
 Intelsat K  1992-032A  6/10/92  ESMC  Atlas 2A  GEO  2928
    21.5 deg W
 Intelsat 7 F1 (Intelsat 701)  1993-066A  10/22/93  Kourou  Ariane 44LP  GEO  3650
    International communications
 Intelsat 7 F2 (Intelsat 702)  1994-034A  6/17/94  Kourou  Ariane 44LP  GEO  3695
    1 deg W
 Intelsat 7 F3 (Intelsat 703)  1994-064A  10/6/94  ESMC  Atlas 2AS  GEO  3656
    177 deg E
 Intelsat 7 F4 (Intelsat 704)  1995-001A  1/10/95  ESMC  Atlas 2AS  GEO  3656
    66 deg E
 Intelsat 7 F5 (Intelsat 705)  1995-013A  3/22/95  ESMC  Atlas 2AS  GEO  3669
    50 deg W
 Intelsat 7 F6 (Intelsat 706)  1995-023A  5/17/95  Kourou  Ariane 44LP  GEO  4180
    53 deg W
 Intelsat 7 F8 (Intelsat 708)  none  2/15/96  Xichang  CZ-3B  FTO  
 Intelsat 7 F7 (Intelsat 707)  1996-015A  3/14/96  Kourou  Ariane 44LP  GEO  4175
    26 C-band, 14 K-band transponders
 Intelsat 7 F9 (Intelsat 709)  1996-035A  6/15/96  Kourou  Ariane 44P  GEO  
    36 transponders
 Intelsat 801  1997-009A  2/27/97  Kourou  Ariane 44L  GEO  
    voice and video communications from 64 deg. E slot.

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