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Intelsat 5A

Part of the Intelsat program

Intelsat 5A picture The Intelsat 5A series is very similar to the Intelsat 5 series. Modifications include a larger communications payload with internal weight savings to accommodate the additional mass. The 5A series (F1-F6) is also known as Intelsat 5 (F10-F15).

3-axis stabilized to 0.4 deg with momentum wheels. Hydrazine propulsion system. Passive thermal control. Dual solar arrays provide 1800 W (BOL). Nickel hydrogen batteries.

26 C-Band and 6 Ku-Band transponders. 15000 voice circuits and 2 TV channels.

Country of Origin International
Customer/User ITSO
Manufacturer(s) Ford Aerospace
Size 1.6 x 2.1 x 2.8 m box, 15.9 m solar array span
Orbit F10: GEO over Pacific / F11: GEO over Indian Ocean / F12: GEO over Atlantic / F13: GEO over Atlantic / F15: GEO over Indian Ocean
Design Life 9 years

Launch Facts
 Name  Int'l Desig.  Date  Site  Vehicle  Orbit  Mass(kg)
 Intelsat 5A F-10  1985-025A  3/22/85  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  2013
 Intelsat 5A F-11  1985-055A  6/30/85  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1098
 Intelsat 5A F-12  1985-087A  9/29/85  ESMC  Atlas Centaur  GEO  1096
    Telephone communications; 31 deg E
 Intelsat 5A F-14  none  5/30/86  Kourou  Ariane 2  FTO  
    3rd stage failed to ignite; destroyed by range safety
 Intelsat 5A F-13  1988-040A  5/17/88  Kourou  Ariane 2  GEO  2013
    Replaced Intelsat 5 F-3; 53 deg W
 Intelsat 5A F-15  1989-006A  1/27/89  Kourou  Ariane 2  GEO  1977
    International communications; 18 deg W

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