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The Mission and Spacecraft Library is a free public resource, which means that we (the curators) rely on you (the public) to help make the resource more valuable for everyone. So if you see a mistake, or material that is out of date, or just plain missing, don't be shy about telling us! We'll do our best to accomodate your request.

But since we have limited resources available for researching and adding information, you will greatly increase the chance of your favorite spacecraft being listed in MSL if you send us a brief summary of everything you know about the program. We have provided several convenient methods for doing this...

Content Submission Forms

There are two different versions of this form - one for QuickLook pages, and one for Program Pages. Simply fill in the blanks and submit the form. Upon receipt, we'll review what you've sent us, and assuming the information is correct and won't get us into trouble, we'll place it in the database. There are a few things to bear in mind whenever you send us something:

  1. By submitting information to MSL, you certify that the material is not protected by copyright. In other words, you cannot take material from a copyrighted source (such as a magazine or book), and submit it verbatim to MSL. This applies to both text and pictures.

  2. You waive any future claim to ownership of material created for inclusion in MSL. Once we have reviewed the information and placed it in MSL, you cannot ask us to remove it.

  3. Final editorial judgment lies with the curators of MSL, who make no guarantee that any or all submitted material will be published. If we feel something is inappropriate or incorrect, we won't use it.
However, we do want to give credit where credit is due. If we do use any of your information, we'll add your name, e-mail address, and other pertinent information to our contributors page along with a brief description of the information you provided. So if you know anything about a spacecraft that we can add to our library, please drop us a line.

General Comments Feedback Form

Our Feedback form provides a much quicker way to send us a couple bits of info without going through the entire QuickLook or Program forms. Or you can just use it for general comments. If you see something don't like, please let us know. If you see something you do like, let us know that too (we like pats on the back just like everybody else!). We're especially interested in any comments about what you would like to see added to MSL, and what you think MSL should evolve into. And, we'd like to know what you're using the data in MSL for.


If your browser doesn't support forms, of if you'd just prefer to use e-mail, we can be reached at


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Information in The Mission and Spacecraft Library is provided without warranty or guarantee. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.