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Palapa B1,B2,B2P,B2R,B4

Part of the Palapa program

Palapa B satellites were four times as powerful and twice the size of their predecessors, the Palapa A series. While the A series was designed for domestic/regional communications within Indonesia, the new system also served the Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Palapa B2 was originally placed into a useless orbit due to malfunctions of its PAM-D upper stage. The Indonesian government claimed $75 million insurance and ordered a replacement (B2P), which was successfully orbited 3 years later. The original B2 was recovered by the STS-51A mission on November 12, 1984 under an arrangement between the satellite's insurers, NASA and Hughes. The satellite was then sold by the insurers to an intermediary company, refurbished, and then resold back to Indonesia following its launch in 1990.

Based on Hughes HS-376 design. Cylindrical structure. Spin stabilized. Hydrazine propulsion system for attitude control, orbit maintenance. Body mounted solar cells provide 1060 W BOL. Despun antenna platform.

Each carried 24 C-band transponders (+6 spares).

Country of Origin Indonesia
Customer/User Perumtel, Satelindo
Manufacturer(s) Hughes
Size 6.83 m high, 2.16 m diameter
Orbit All in GEO: B1: 118 deg E, B2P: 113 deg E, B2R: 108 deg E, B4: 118 deg E
Design Life 8 years

Launch Facts
 Name  Int'l Desig.  Date  Site  Vehicle  Orbit  Mass(kg)
 Palapa B1  1983-059C  6/18/83  ESMC  STS 7  GEO  1200
    Deployed by STS-7 6/18/83
 Palapa B2  1984-011D  2/3/84  ESMC  STS 41B  LEO  1200
    Deployed from STS 41B 2/4/84; failed to reach proper orbit; recovered by STS-51A
 Palapa B2P  1987-029A  3/20/87  ESMC  Delta 3920  GEO  1200
    113 deg W
 Palapa B2R  1990-034A  4/13/90  ESMC  Delta 6925-8  GEO  1200
    Refurbished Palapa B2 retrieved by STS-51A; 107.7 deg E
 Palapa B4  1992-027A  5/14/92  ESMC  Delta 7925-8  GEO  1254
    118 deg E

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