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Mir-Shuttle Docking Module

Part of the Mir Space Station program

Mir-Shuttle Docking Module picture The Docking module provides accomodations for future Shuttle dockings with Mir. The module provides clearance between the Shuttle and Mir's solar panels. Without the Docking module, Mir's Kristall module would have to be temporarily repositioned at the forward axial port of the core module for every rendezvous. The module also carries two solar arrays - one Russian and one jointly developed by the U.S. and Russia (42 sq. meter, 6.7kW) - to augment Mir's power supply.

The module was mated with the station on November 14, 1995 at one of the Kristall module's docking ports.

Country of Origin USSR
Size 4.7 m long x 2.2 m diameter
Launch November 12, 1995 on Shuttle Atlantis (STS-74) from ESMC

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