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SPOT (Satellite Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre) is the French government sponsored civil Earth observation program, with support from Belgium and Sweden. A single SPOT satellite provides complete coverage of the Earth every 26 days. Image products from SPOT are handled by a commercial entity, SPOT-Image Corp. SPOT 5A and 5B are the next generation of this series.

This is the next generation SPOT spacecraft and no information is available , other than: 3-Axis stabilized, 150 Mbps downlink rate.

New payload is planned to include the HRG (High Resolution Geometry) instrument. Each spacecraft will carry 3 HRGs, one looking forward, one looking down, and one looking aft. The system will provide 5 m resolution in the panchromatic band and 10 m resolution in the multispectral bands.

Country of Origin France
Customer/User CNES, SPOT-Image Corp.
Manufacturer(s) Matra Marconi
Launch 5A: Planned for 2002 5B: Planned for 2007
Orbit LEO, sun-synchronous, repeating

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