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Palapa A1, A2

Part of the Palapa program

Palapa A1 and A2 were the initial elements of Indonesia's domestic communications satellite system. The spacecraft were identical to Canada's Anik and Western Union's Westars except for a modified parabolic reflector, enlarged to give maximum illumination of the Indonesian landmass. Operational lives for Palapa A1 and A2 ended June 1985 and January 1988, respectively.

Based on Hughes HS-333 design. 1.5 m diameter parabolic reflector with 12 transponders working through 125 Earth stations. Spin stabilized with despun antenna and feeds.

Both satellites carried 12 transponders that provided 4000 voice circuits or 12 simultaneous TV channels to the country's 6000+ inhabited islands.

Country of Origin Indonesia
Customer/User Perumtel
Manufacturer(s) Hughes
Size 3.7 m high, 1.9 m diameter
Orbit GEO at 83 deg E and 77 deg E
Design Life 7 years

Launch Facts
 Name  Int'l Desig.  Date  Site  Vehicle  Orbit  Mass(kg)
 Palapa A1  1976-066A  7/8/76  ESMC  Delta 2914  GEO  300
 Palapa A2  1977-018A  3/10/77  ESMC  Delta 2914  GEO  574

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