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Aussat 1,2,B1,B2,B3
Optus B1,B2,B3

Used by the Mobilesat communications service to cover main land Australia. Based on the Hughes HS-601 satellite, the company's first 3-axis design, accommodating three bands simultaneously for high power services such as land mobile, large area DBS (Direct Broadcast Service) and HDTV (High Definition Television).

Solar arrays provide 601 W BOL/489 W after 3 yr., two 19 Ahr nickel cadmium batteries. Attitude control <1 arcmin, determination <0.3arcmin; 3 axis control by 4 reaction wheels, ensuring Sun incidenceangle on panels <30 deg. Bubble memory 134 Mb recorder downlinked onX-band at 264 kbit/sec. The tubular telescoping optical truss is constructed of carbon fiber which is folded for launch, extending by a sliding mechanism in orbit.

Four x-ray telescopes, consisting of four sets of coaxially aligned multilayer thin foil mirrors provided by GSFC. At the focus of two of the telescopes is a Gas Imaging Spectrophotometer (GIS) of two gas imaging scintillation propotional counters covering 0.7-10 keV. The second focal plane instrument is a Solid-state Imaging Spectrometer of two CCDs covering 0.5-8 keV. This is the first satellite to use CCDs for X-ray astronomy.

Country of Origin Australia
Customer/User Mobilesat
Manufacturer(s) Hughes
Size 229x254x254 cm, deployable solar arrays span 18.3-26m
Orbit 156 deg east
Design Life 10-15 years

Launch Facts
 Name  Int'l Desig.  Date  Site  Vehicle  Orbit  Mass(kg)
 Aussat 1  1985-076B  8/27/85  ESMC  STS 51I  GEO  655
    Released by STS 51I 8/27/85; 158 deg W
 Aussat 2  1985-109C  11/27/85  ESMC  STS 61B  GEO  1259
    Released by STS 61B 11/28/85; 156 deg E
 Aussat B1 (Optus B1)  1992-054A  8/13/92  Xichang  CZ-2E  GEO  1600
    160 deg E
 Aussat B2 (Optus B2)  1992-090A  12/21/92  Xichang  CZ-2E  LEO  1600
    Exploded 45 seconds after launch; debris placed into orbit
 Aussat B3 (Optus B3)  1994-055A  8/27/94  Xichang  CZ-2E  GEO  3000
    Telephone; TV; mobile communications; air traffic control; 156 deg E

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