Titan in 3d This narrow angle field-of-view artist's rendering shows Titan's surface with Saturn dimly in the background through Titan's thick atmosphere of methane, ethane and (mostly) nitrogen. The Cassini spacecraft flys over the surface with its High Gain Antenna pointed at the Huygens probe as it reaches the surface. Thin methane clouds dot the horizon, and a narrow methane spring or "methanefall" flows from the cliff at left and drifts mostly into vapor. Smooth ice features rise out of the methane/ethane lake, and crater walls can be seen far in the distance. By David Seal. (P-46508AC) A high resolution TIFF file is available.

Rhea in 3D This computer rendering shows the surface of Rhea, Saturn's second largest satellite behind Titan. Like Dione and Iapetus, there is a noticeable difference between the two hemispheres of the satellite. Rhea is a densely cratered satellite, and this image shows two of the most prominent craters, Izanagi (the larger) and Izanami (the smaller), which partially overlap. These craters are well into the southern hemisphere. Saturn is seen on the horizon, and a small meteor is seen striking the surface inside the Izanagi crater. This image was created at JPL using KPT Bryce, animation software developed by Jim Blinn, and Adobe Photoshop. (Image only available electronically) A high resolution TIFF file is available.

Cassini spacecraft in 3d This image shows a reasonably accurate 3D model of the Cassini spacecraft in 3D.

A high resolution TIFF file is available.